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Activation Day: The Biggest Non-Event of the Year

CI activation is one of those things where doctors tell you to try and keep your expectations as low as possible. Things will be awesome eventually, they’ll tell you, but don’t expect too much up front. So off we went … Continue reading

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7 Days of Living with a Couch Cyborg – 7 Days to Activation

Tuesday The surgery went as well as could be. Routine. We like routine with medical stuff. It means nothing went wrong. She woke up and was feeling okay, but dizzy. A lot less bad than after her sinus surgery. Maybe … Continue reading

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In the Waiting Room: 0 Minutes to Assimilation

My wife is in an operating room right now. Probably in the final stages of the procedure. Any moment now, a doctor will come to talk to me about how things went. Hopefully this will be extremely boring. Hospital excitement … Continue reading

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Messages from the Future: 2 Days to Assimilation

There’s a box from The Future sitting in our dining room. On it are the words “Advanced Bionics”. The kind of company name you would expect to see in a William Gibson novel. Bland, kind of innocuous, obviously going to … Continue reading

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